Answering Arguments Against Animal Rights
Part XI -- Argument Eight: We own the animals we raise
Argument eight: We own the animals we raise.

Argument eight: we own the animals we raise.
Argument Eight: We own the animals we raise.

This argument against animals states that when we breed animals or refrain from destroying their habitat, we own the animals which are then born. Because, if it weren't for us, these animals would never have been born at all. Since these animals owe their very existence to humans, goes this argument, humans have every right to do with them as they please.

For example: Rush Limbaugh states that though he agrees that trapping is cruel, raising animals for their fur is perfectly okay.
Parents with their children

This is another inconsistent argument -- unless we also say that it is okay to use and abuse the human children that we raise: for they too owe their very existence to us.
A dollar sign

A related argument against animals states that the best way to preserve a species is to allow humans to use the animals as a resource. As soon as people have a monetary stake in the survival of a species, goes this argument, they will act to ensure that the species does not become extinct.

History contradicts this argument. Human greed has driven animals -- viewed as a resource -- to extinction.
A huge pile of elephant tusks

Elephants have long been used as a resource for their ivory. They are facing extinction now due to this fact.
A whale

Whales have also been driven to the brink of extinction due to their monetary value.
A gorilla

The mountain gorilla was very nearly erased due to the monetary value of their hands which were used as ashtrays!
Dian Fossey with a gorilla

The gorillas still exist today thanks to Dian Fossey: an animal advocate who gave her life protecting them. She is an example of the type of fight we must wage to save the animals from those who would use them as a resource.

Appealing to people's greed is not an effective way to ensure the survival of a species.
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