Answering Arguments Against Animal Rights
Part XV -- Argument Ten (conclusion)
A hospital

When discussing this argument, Rush Limbaugh states that he has never seen a hospital built by an animal.

But, in fact, all hospitals have been built by animals: the animal called human. What he must mean is that non-human animals have made no altruistic contributions to life on earth, or even to the care of their own kind.

Such a statement reveals a great deal of ignorance.
A man in a wheelchair with his dog next to him

It ignores the enormous altruistic contributions animals have made in the lives of people by simply receiving and offering unconditional love.
A colorful exotic bird

It ignores the beauty with which they have enriched the world...
A cheetah and her cub

...and the lessons they have taught us about survival, strength, courage, and yes...
An elderly man petting a dog
A gorilla with her baby

As for caring for their own kind: primates spend a great deal of time preening one another: removing ticks and parasites which would cause disease if left unattended.
A gorilla confronting poachers

When threatened, they will sacrifice their own lives to save the lives of their children and mates.

Elephants act as midwives to an elephant giving birth. They surround her in a tight, protective circle, and guide the 250 pound baby out. The male elephants stand guard as the females remove the baby from the birth sac and gently raise the baby to its feet. The entire herd will wait several days until the baby is ready before traveling from the spot.

Even fish -- whom humans delight in torturing and murdering -- have exhibited self sacrifice and compassion towards one another.

In one case, a large goldfish was observed to gently pick up a smaller deformed goldfish who could barely swim, put him on his back and swim him around the tank and up to the surface to feed.

There are many documented cases of non-human animals saving the lives of humans: sometimes at the cost of their own lives.

Saving human lives has been done by:
A dog

A dolphin

A turtle

A pig

A canary

and even a canary!

Dolphins have also enlisted the aid of passing sailors to rescue dolphins caught in fishing nets. They have even protected the lives of sea-lions from killer whales, and protected whales giving birth from shark attacks.

So even though non-human animals may not be capable of constructing a hospital, they certainly are not lax when it comes to the type of life-saving care that a hospital represents.

But again: all of this is not to the point. We recognize the inherent rights of people who do not build hospitals and who do not work in the medical field. We even extend rights to people who never lift a finger to help others...
Rush Limbaugh

...and who even act -- in their own selfish interests -- against the environment and its inhabitants.

We may not admire them, but we agree that it would be immoral to torture and kill them.

So, we cannot deny rights to non-human animals simply because they do not build hospitals or work in the medical field or help others.
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