Layers of Truth
"An amusing novel with a serious side: a strong ethical argument in favor of blood transfusions."
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Layers ofTruth
by Steve McRoberts

This short novel shows what might have happened if one of the Watchtower's odd prophecies apparently had come true. Back in the 1920's the Watchtower predicted that King David would be resurrected and would come and live in a mansion called Beth-Sarim that they purchased in San Diego. In this novel, a man purporting to be King David, back from the dead, appears on the steps of Beth-Sarim in the year 2001. He is taken to Watchtower headquarters in New York where his appearance causes great excitement amongst the Witnesses. However, David disagrees with the Governing Body over a controversial doctrine which causes an ethical dilemma resulting in a huge scandal.
Can the religion survive these events?
Through multiple layers of perspectives the reader eventually arrives at the truth.
This site is concerned with: ethics, compassion, empathy, Jehovah's Witnesses, the Watchtower, poetry, philosophy, atheism, and animal rights.