Hunting is Murder on Animals
Part I - Steve Goes Hunting
Sitting on a rock in the woods

Contemplating nature is all right, as far as it goes, but I need to interact more with nature.

As one vulture said to another: "I'm bored -- I'm going to go kill something."
Standing in front of a sporting goods store

If I'm going to go hunting I'm going to need a gun. I've never bought one before; so I'm going to have to see what's involved... Let's go in.
Inside sporting goods store at gun counter

Hi, I'd like to buy a 22 rifle.

How much is this one?

sales clerk: Sixty-nine ninety-five.
Buying rifle at sporting goods store

Sounds great. I'll take it.

sales clerk: Okay, just need your driver's license from you.
Outside sporting goods store with newly purchased rifle

Well, that was easy, and now I'm ready to go!
Back in woods, seated on same rock, holding up new rifle

Now I am truly "master of all I survey!"

(Leans rifle against rock and looks around.)
Another hunter sneaks up from behind and grabs Steve's rifle

(Another hunter sneaks up from behind Steve and grabs his gun.)

What was that? (Steve turns and sees the other hunter pointing Steve's own gun at him!)
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