Hunting is Murder on Animals - Table of Contents
Part I - Steve Goes Hunting
Part II - The Tables are Turned
Part III - A Change of Heart
Part IV - A Second Chance
Part V - Violations and Murders
Part VI - The Starvation Argument
Part VII - Why the Starvation Argument Does Not Work
Part VIII -- How The Starvation Argument Misrepresents the True Goal of Hunting
Part IX -- Why the Starvation Argument is Immoral
Part X -- Why fishing is Immoral
Part XI -- Hunting and Children: Instilling the Wrong Values
Part XII -- Wildlife Management
Part XIII -- Laying Down our Guns
Part XIV -- One Day of Gun Deaths
Part XV -- Laying Down Our Guns II
Part XVI -- Laying Down Our Guns III
(Breaking a rifle over my knee.) Why sport hunting & fishing are wrong This site is concerned with: ethics, compassion, empathy, Jehovah's Witnesses, the Watchtower, poetry, philosophy, atheism, and animal rights.