Hunting is Murder on Animals
Part IX -- Why the Starvation Argument is Immoral
Steve in studio (close-up)

A hunter once said to me, as he was on his way to a hunting preserve: "If I don't kill the animals, the winter will." The fact is: if there were no hunters to pay for the services of such preserves, there would be no animals there to starve or shoot.

'A Dangerous Trust': a deer being pet by a hunter

Hunting preserves are amongst the most immoral places on earth. The animals raised there are practically pets they are so tame.
A dog being hung

Americans were justifiably shocked to learn that some Koreans are in the habit of hanging the family dog, butchering, and eating him. But the hunting preserves in this country amount to the same thing.
A man pointing a scoped rifle out of his car window at an animal

On one preserve you can actually shoot the animals without bothering to get out of your car! The animals often come right up to your car, thinking you're one of the staff coming to feed them. You can reach out and pet them, if you like, before you shoot them!
Loading a dead deer into a van

A helpful guide will then give you a hand loading your victim onto or into your vehicle.

What a brave and manly sport is hunting!
Steve in studio

I don't mean to pick exclusively on hunters in this program. I'm stating my protest against an attitude. A violent and selfish attitude. A culture which condones murder and violence against any species -- including its own -- is a hurting society which desperately needs to change its attitude.

People who delight in killing or torturing any sentient being need to take a long hard look at themselves and what they're doing.
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