Hunting is Murder on Animals
Part IV - A Second Chance
Sharon bending over Steve and shaking him

Sharon: Are you all right?
Sharon bending over Steve and shaking him

I warned you not to go hunting.
Steve struggles to sit up

Steve: Yeah, I guess I'm okay.

Sharon: Are you sure?
Steve sitting up and talking to Sharon

Steve: Yeah, I guess I must've fallen asleep while waiting for something to kill.

A pile of books on the ground

What's all that?
Sharon talking to Steve

Sharon: I brought you some books and charts and things to persuade you not to go hunting; it's so cruel and inhumane.

Steve leafing through the book 'The American Hunting Myth' with Sharon looking on

Steve: Oh yeah? Well, I think you might be right.

I'm going to change the theme of my video.
Steve looking up from book in alarm

(Steve hears a sound and looks up in alarm.)
Hunter hiding behind a tree in the distance

(Steve spots the hunter, hiding behind a tree in the distance)
Steve and Sharon walk off together

Let's go back to the studio and do this; I think you're right: it's dangerous out here during hunting season.

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