Hunting is Murder on Animals
Part III - A Change of Heart
Title: Bloodsports: Hunting is Murder on Animals

Hunter:Boy, I've had a good day shooting! I bagged my limit with that one.

Wait: I don't think it's dead; it's still moving! Oh, why waste ammunition? There's another one over there... this is great!
Looking up at the trees and the sky

Steve:Lying here, dying from the hunter's bullet, I begin to reflect on the philosophy of life which brought me to this end. And I begin to question the morality of hunting.

Perhaps what is beneficial for the majority of a species is not the moral thing to do if it neglects the welfare of the individual.
Trees and sky fading to black

I begin to lose consciousness, and in the delirium of death I begin to dream of a different world: where people do not blindly accept traditions of violence, but listen to reason, and are led by compassion.

If someone had only suggested to me that hunting is immoral, I might not have come to this end. But everyone accepted it as if there were absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Utter Darkness

I wonder how I would explain it to some young person today, so they wouldn't make the same mistake I made. How could I begin to tell them that they are being taught to accept a violent world: a world which accepts murder as a pastime and war as a business.

Would anyone hear me over their cultural indoctrination?
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