Hunting is Murder on Animals

The Hunters

Silently at last they crouch
the beer rumbling in extended bellies
squinting one-eyed through crosshairs
hearts pounding, adrenaline pumping.
Memories of a night spent in tall tales
and laughter and fellow mockery.

The fawn, unaware,
nursing on the grazing doe,
hears an unfamiliar sound
as pain rips open the insides of her mother.
She flees in fright


as strange creatures
with long detachable smoking phalluses
run to her mother and slice her open.
And hunger and fear compete in the little body
"saved from starvation"
by the strange predators.

Later, while the head of the doe's mate
adorns the office of the well-fed highly respected
boisterous businessman buffoon,
the snow gently falls
to cover a single shivering form


The light extinguished in those eyes
shall not be seen again.

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