Pain on Your Plate
Part VI -- Life and Death on the Factory Farm
Ronald McDonald picking hamburgers from the "hamburger patch"

Hamburgers are not picked by Ronald McDonald from the "hamburger patch."
Cows confined to small stalls.

Hamburgers are the remains of living, feeling, innocent beings who are imprisoned for life in horrible conditions and brutally murdered for you.
A confined pig with a chain wrapped around his throat and snout.

Animals raised for human consumption are not treated humanely. The Animal Welfare Act specifically excludes animals intended for use as food from its regulations. Legally, you can be as cruel as you like to an animal, provided it's going to be eaten!
Row upon row of caged chickens, intensely crowded together.

The vast majority of animals raised for food are penned up in intolerable conditions...
Close-up of one cage with several chickens crammed into it. which they are denied freedom of movement in hopelessly overcrowded cages or stalls where they never see the light of day.
A mother pig desperately trying to reach her babies who are outside her stall.

  • Their offspring are stolen from them.
  • Their bodies are painfully mutilated.
  • They are fed unnatural diets laced with drugs.
  • And their artificial environment is constantly manipulated in an effort to make them produce more profit.
Live pigs, hung upside-down, awaiting death: the furthest one is having his throat cut and the blood is pouring into a bucket.

Their deaths are often excrutiatingly painful ordeals.
A cow, her head immobilized, is having her throat cut.

This is particularly true in Kosher rituals in which the animal is slowly bled to death after cutting its throat.
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