Pain on Your Plate
Pain On Your Plate - Table of Contents
Part I - Vegetarians and Carnivores
Part II - Health Hazards of Meat-Eating
Part III - Milk, Meat, and Truth in Advertising
Part IV - The Damage to the Environment Caused by Meat-Eating
Part V - The Immorality of Meat-Eating
Part VI - Life and Death on the Factory-Farm
Part VII - More Life and Death on the Factory-Farm
Part VIII -- Cows on Factory-Farms
Part IX -- Who is Responsible?
Part X -- What's Behind Your Order: Absurdities and Atrocities
usemap="#mymap2" hspace="1" vspace="1" src="../../../images/painplatetv1.jpg" align="center" alt="Pain on Your Plate" title="(What's on your plate has global consequences.) Why you should go vegetarian" border="0" />
Pain on Your Plate
Pain on Your Plate This site is concerned with: ethics, compassion, empathy, Jehovah's Witnesses, the Watchtower, poetry, philosophy, atheism, and animal rights.