Pain on Your Plate
Part IX -- Who is Responsible?
Two live sheep hanging upside-down in the slaughterhouse: a butcher has cut one's throat and is now cutting the other one's throat.

The owners of these operations are simple businessmen in pursuit of the "American dream."
The Almighty dollar

While they certainly can't be accounted guiltless, they are nonetheless simply supplying a demand. "Taking orders." Taking orders from whom? From you, if you're a meat-eater!

What's the first thing they say to you in a "fast-food" line?

May I take your order?

When you order a hamburger you are the one behind the suffering. You are the one ordering it to be done. The meat industry is simply taking your order.

People who eat meat often supress their guilt with the following rationalization: Since they didn't kill the animal themselves, they are not responsible for its imprisonment and death. In this way they try to pass the responsibility onto those who follow their orders.
Crematorium in a Nazi death camp.

During WWII, Nazi's were simply "taking orders" too.
Close-up of the inside of the oven showing human bones.

Similar to the meat industry of today, those orders involved inflicting suffering and death on those considered "inferior."
Dead human bodies.

Adolph Hitler

Hitler didn't kill Jews himself; he ordered others to do it for him.
Dead human bodies.

Following the meat-eater's line of logic, then, he should not be held responsible.

Here is the dilemma: if you say Hitler was just as responsible for the murder of the Jews as those Nazis who "just took orders," then, if you eat meat...
A butcher cutting open the carcas of a cow: its insides spillout out onto the slaughterhouse floor. are just as responsible for the suffering and murder of the animals as is the man with the knife at the slaughterhouse.
A sheep, hanging upside-down with its throat cut.

Isaac Bashevis Singer summed it up best when he said:

To animals, all humans are Nazis.
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