The Collected Poems of Steve McRoberts
The Collected Poems of Steve McRoberts
In these, our United States

And as the clouds grew darker
America was reduced to grunting its mottos:
   Support the troops,
   Drink your oil,
   Thank a vet for your terrorism,

"Freedom" became the by-word
the catch-all
covering multitudes of sins:
an oil-slick
cutting off all life in its pervasiveness.

Sitcoms and big boobs,
wifi and wii,
Ipods and cell-phones,
ubiquitous advertising
of cars and fat-burgers and diet-pills
in an unending continuous barf...
talk-radio spewing
the religion of selfishness,
scourging the Earth with a smug style
of capitalism
as the rich got richer
and the poor got dead
from our "ideals"
crammed down their throats
by hegemony, invasion, occupation,
and drones.

We thought we were the good guys.
Oh, what a blow!
Our egos bruised beyond repair.
We thought the world was mad at us:
envying our freedom.
We thought they wanted to be us.
   Faltered to discover
they hate us for what we are
and what we have done
   to them,
   to ourselves,
   to everything;
as we bloat the world over
in this, our global bulimia.

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