The Collected Poems of Steve McRoberts
The Collected Poems of Steve McRoberts
  For Debi, My Bride

Dreams there were, of piercing strength,
which haunted lonely nights,
and stretched imagination's length
by wild and fancy flights.

All my life I've had such dreams
of very special places.
With golden mountains, silver streams,
and bright, enchanting faces.

Long I've sought this shining vision,
but always I've been turned away.
All my hopes met with derision,
my aspirations with dismay.

But then, into my life you came,
bringing sun, and light, and laughter!
Within my heart you lit a flame
which burns forever after.

You took my hand and led me high
and showed me all there was.
And when I asked you, "why?",
like a child, you said, "because".

You showed me all within your heart,
so passionate, and yet serene,
and there was love in every part,
and dazzling beauty in-between.

I know your faults, and all your charms,
that's why I love you in extremes.
And here within your gentle arms
I've found the place I sought in dreams.
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