The Collected Poems of Steve McRoberts
The Collected Poems of Steve McRoberts
  Empathy Rising

The signs of life, both now and after:
a storm, the wind, the rain,
the taste of tears, the sound of laughter:
echoes of our lonely pain.

A cricket chirps beside my ear,
a flower opens in my heart,
replacing all the ancient fear
and granting us a brave new start.

The dawn is breaking, and the light
is driving out the old dark days.
The deaf can hear, the blind have sight;
we've found our way out of the maze.

In caring for the fragile Earth
we learn to share and give.
In seeking out each other's worth
we learn to love and live.

The priest is burying his gods.
The hunter's laying down his gun.
The angler's broken all his rods.
The deer are basking in the sun.

The soldier's coming home again;
while walking in another's shoes
he learned in war no one can win,
and used his moral right to choose.

When offering a helping hand
who knows what heights we'll reach?
With open arms and minds we stand
and love not all but each.

I feel you strong, I feel you weak:
I share your happiness and sorrow.
Your tear is coursing down my cheek,
my hope is tied to your tomorrow.

And when you take me by the hand
my heart is beating in the wild.
And when you say you understand
then once again I'm just a child.

In harmony, like stanzas rhymed,
or kindly deeds surprising,
we find our hearts and minds are primed
-- our empathy is rising.

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