The Collected Poems of Steve McRoberts
The Collected Poems of Steve McRoberts
  the experiment

for some time I've suspected.
At random I grabbed a regular person
out of the bus line
tore away her clothes
pumped her with truth serum
and listened:

I am tight-rope walking
on the phone lines
pole to pole
looking down upon you all in line
and when the bus comes
I jump atop it
the wind in my hair
the ultimate convertible.
But why go to work?
I scale the first tall building
and stand atop the world
your bones in my backpack
I scatter across the city
a knuckle here
a shoulder blade there:
achieving your fame.
And I sing the ultimate songs
making them up as I go
and I flash across your vision
a blur of light
and I am the universe
and I am more than you imagine your god to be
and I could pleasure you beyond your dreams
and give you dreams that would make your heart burst.
I am swimming the sky
my body fluttering against the sun.

She reclothes herself slowly,
Her sublime eyes gradually resume their glazed look.
With an almost imperceptible sigh
She resumes her place in line,
as do I.

"It was just as I suspected,"
I mumble to myself.
The line discretely takes a step away from me --
wary of someone who talks to himself.

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