The Collected Poems of Steve McRoberts
The Collected Poems of Steve McRoberts

In TV we find much relief
from all our worldly fear:
suspending all our disbelief
as images appear.

Upon the couch we sit so still
and brace ourselves for fun.
Abandoning our thought and will,
we're force-fed each rerun.

But I don't want to play these games;
I'm not a little child.
Within my heart there burns bright flames:
I think that I'm half wild.

I wish some small tornadoes
would blow us off our seats:
uproot these couch potatoes
and drive us to the streets.

Let's reach around technology
to touch a real live heart
and make our last apology
for dreams we never start.

So turn from this fake vision
and look me in the eyes.
We've been sitting in a prison,
so let us both arise.

This moment we're together
there's only you and I,
and I am asking whether
you'll give our love a try.

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