The Collected Poems of Steve McRoberts
The Collected Poems of Steve McRoberts
  For Us (With Love)

For members of the ex-Jehovah's Witness community.

We are dancing with our children
upon a grassy knoll,
or laughing loudly, hand in hand,
happily out of control.

We're Christians, pagans, atheists,
together in the sun.
We share a common history:
a freedom we have won.

We broke the chains that shackled us
within the blood-soaked halls:
burst out of mind-locked prisons
and climbed those tower walls.

Now we share a common journey,
saints and sinners all the same.
We don't agree on everything,
but that is not our aim.

We are here to love each other,
to share a laugh or sigh:
Arms for hugging, hearts in tune,
shoulders on which to cry.

We did not leave the truth,
we did not flee from love.
We simply learned such precious things
aren't ruled by those "above".

As for their threats of Armageddon:
we'll do more than just survive;
We'll not waste our lives in cringing fear;
we shall live our lives alive!

They swing their swords and hurl their hailstones
and hate us as they must...
Our love melts hail to gentle rain
and turns their swords to dust.

And when we're weak or lonely,
confused or in despair,
we have a place to come to:
there's someone here who'll care.

For you who languish still in prison,
in your endless passion play,
we have illumination;
we're here to light the way.

We offer understanding
to patch up all the holes
burned so deeply in your minds
and in your weary souls.

So join us in our zest for life
as we laugh here in the sun.
The joy is in the journey,
and we've only just begun.

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