The Collected Poems of Steve McRoberts
The Collected Poems of Steve McRoberts
  The Murderer's Confession

When someone did me grievous wrong
I sought the Bible as a guide
for I've been told my whole life long
life's answers can be found inside.

I hoped to learn of toleration
in our dealings with each other
I'd search for just the right quotation
on how to make each man my brother.

So I read the Word of the Lord:
Moses gave His stern command:
"Put the children to the sword!
Rape the virgins! Steal the land!"

Certainly He had His cause
for killing every Cannanite;
someone broke immutable laws,
and punishment must make it right.

Such acts of murder, theft, and rape
aren't sins when God commands their doing:
Go get them all! Let none escape!
Carry out the Great Subduing.!

Thrilling as it was to read
of sinners getting recompensed,
it didn't really meet my need
and so I turned some pages hence.

Again I read God's Holy Word:
"Kill everyone within the city!
Let your sword be undeterred!
Upon the infants show no pity!"

Now surely He, who made us all,
commits no wrong in taking life
for God decides who'll rise or fall
who will kill, and who shall rape whose wife.

Enthralled, I turned and read some more:
"Rain pestilence upon the earth!
Immerse yourselves in blood and gore
and make your foes all curse their birth!

"Let none survive my godly wrath!
Pelt the Animals with stones!
Leave nothing in the aftermath
but smoldering ash and rotting bones!"

When children called God's prophets names
They might as well have mocked at Him.
God had such ones sent up in flames
or had them torn from limb to limb.

From Bible reading now I learn
to follow God's Eternal Plan:
How anger, greed, and lust can earn
sainthood for a wicked man.

When land or flesh were much desired
or someone's pride must be defended,
prophets could be quickly hired
to say this was what God intended.

Their consciences were swiftly soothed
by word or sign or sacred vision
which signified that God approved
their thieving, murderous decision.

And seeing nothing wrong in this,
the next time that I met my foe,
nothing, I thought, could be amiss
in dealing him a fatal blow.

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