Falling in Truth
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It perchanced to happen once, that as the venerable sage Pao Lu was walking with a student of the Way, they came upon a great chasm in the earth. And, either deliberately, or from being so engrossed in meditation on the Truth, they walked to the edge of the chasm and over the edge of the chasm.

It was the wandering monk Hon Phei who witnessed this strange accident. And he further reported that he distinctly heard the sage Pao Lu continuing his discourse to his pupil unabated, without qualm or quiver in his voice, as though they were still walking along the forest floor rather than plunging to their deaths in the vast abyss.

It is said that pit is bottomless where Pao Lu fell, and that visitors to the spot, if they strain their ears, can still hear Pao Lu discoursing the Way of Truth to his student.

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