Falling in Truth
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Falling In Truth
The Education of a Jehovah's Witness
by Steve McRoberts

I think every reader is entitled to know the motivations of an author whose work they are considering reading. I wrote "Falling In Truth: The Education of a Jehovah's Witness" shortly after I decided to leave Bethel (the world headquarters of Jehovah's Witnesses). I wrote it because, although I left the Witnesses I did not leave the truth. I had "fallen in truth" in a way similar to falling in love. I feel that by making this book available I am continuing to spread the truth. The goal of this book is not to attack or convert; I have no hidden agenda. The goal is to open minds to see all sides, and to make everyone aware of all the facts involved so that they can make wiser decisions.

The book is based on my experiences. It is a novel, but wherever it talks about the Bible, or the beliefs or history of the Witnesses it is 100% fact. It tells a story (describing what it's really like to be a Witness), but it also does a thorough examination of beliefs (pro and con). Despite the serious subject matter, most readers have found it to actually be an enjoyable read.

Enjoy it or hate it, and feel free to send me gentle criticisms (or hyperbolic praise) via email. My loyalty is (and always has been) to the truth. If you can point out any place where I have strayed from the truth I will be grateful to hear it and will gladly make amends.

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This is a full-length novel, so you will probably want to bookmark this page since you won't be able to finish it in one sitting. You can use the links below to go directly to a certain part of the book.

Chapter 1 Baptism of Fire
Chapter 2 Richard Johnson
Chapter 3 Falling in Love
Chapter 4 Arthur R. Olson, Elder
Chapter 5 God
Chapter 6 Falling in Love Again
Chapter 7 Man
Chapter 8 Trouble
Chapter 9 God's Purpose
Chapter 10 More Trouble
Chapter 11 God's Organization
Chapter 12 God's Law
Chapter 13 God's Word
Chapter 14 God Again
Appendix A Synopsis of Jehovah's Witness' Beliefs
Appendix B Synopsis of Jehovah's Witness' History

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